Man taken to the gallows three times before being acquitted


A young man went to the gallows three times in Khoram Abad Prison and experienced death.
He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death in 2014.
“I used my car to make a living and to pay for my family of five”, Abas Teimouri said.
“When I was jailed, the twins were born and the only thing I thought about was the fate of my five children after my execution.
When I was taken to the gallows for the first time, my whole body was shaking… I went to the gallows two other times because I could not pay the blood money… The last time I was taken to the gallows, a drug trafficker was killed before me. I could barely breathe and I closed my eyes”, he said.
“I am happy that I was given another chance,” he added, according to the state-run ROKNA news agency, June 16, 2017
He was acquitted by the victim’s family.

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