Shedding light on the truth about Iran’s Human Rights Violation

Hassan Jafari, husband of political prisoner Maryan Akbari


Monfared said in an interview that his wife needed medical treatment but that Evin prison authorities refused to allow her to go to the hospital for treatment.
“Despite her being in prison for close to eight years, she is still denied the right to a prison leave and does not enjoy any of the rights she’s legally entitled to”, he added.
“My wife’s family members were executed in the 80’s and her siblings are members of the PMOI. At that time, Camp Ashraf was in Iraq, and my wife spoke several times over the phone with them. And that was her charge. I was present at the 15th Branch of the Revolutionary Court when my wife was being convicted. My daughter was in my lap and Judge Salavati told her that she had to pay instead of her brother and sister (who were PMOI members)”, Hasan Jafari said.
“Then it was only me and three small girls whose mother has been in prison now for six and a half years… It’s close to seven years now that they’ve taken my wife and I am left with three children. I have to constantly go to the Prosecutor’s Office and to prison and then there’s work and the children”, he added.

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