Iran: Bassij forces launch new social media crackdown

The Deputy Commander of the Khorasan Razavi Revolutionary Guards Corps said that the Bassij had a specific, special and important mission inside the country, the state-run ISNA news agency reported on December18, 2017.

“One of the arenas and instruments that both the enemy and we use in this cultural campaign is cyberspace,” said Mojtaba Ghaforpour.

“If we do not have an intelligent presence in cyberspace, we will definitely be hurt because today, cyberspace has a direct impact on the reality of the community and individuals.”
“In line with this, last year, the Bassij Organization launched a campaign called Bassij Prominence, and this year, the Bassij Prominence 2 exercise will be carried out from December 18 December 21 in Khorasan Razavi by all Bassij forces and commanders,” he added.

Iran’s actions to curtail and eliminate cyberspace and social media are so odious and detestable.

Government News Agency on December19, 2017, cited The Gonabad Police Commander as saying that the Cyber Police in this town identified and arrested the administrator of a Telegram channel.
“Cyber Police experts made observations in cyberspace and identified a channel with more than 283 members. The channel was active in publishing content and persuading people to resort to immoral conduct. Cyber Police experts identified the administrator of the channel who is a young man by the name of Abolfazl, and arrested him after judicial coordination”, Ali-Akbar Kiani added.

It is noteworthy that the CEO of Telegraph posted a message on his channel citing Telegram Voice and its blockage in a number of countries.  Pavel Durov said that the social network had 180 million users, of whom only 40 million lived in Iran. He said that Telegram Voice had been blocked in Iran.  According to Durov, 500,000 people join Telegram every day. Telegram currently accounts for 40 percent of Iran’s Internet traffic and has 500,000 Persian channels that freely send and receive all kinds of content.

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