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Iran: Two hanged in public

Two young men were hanged on Sunday in a public market of Bandarabbas, south of Iran. The victims were identified as Amir Mohashampour, 22, and Foad Armand, 26, who was married and had a child. This public hanging took place where…

Iran- Two Prisoners Executed

Tow prisoners were hanged on Monday January 28th, based on drug related charges, in Central Prison of Rasht, north of Iran. These victims were identified as M – A, 39, from Rasht, and R – Z, 26, from Mashhad, southeast of Iran.

Iran regime hangs four in prison

Six prisoners have been transferred to solitary confinement in  Ghezelhesar Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, in preparation for their executions. Four others were hanged  Wednesday. Two of the victims were identified as Rahman Nourian…