Agents of Ardabil prison, northwestern Iran punished a Balochi political prisoner by keeping him outdoors and in the sub-freezing temperature in the city of Ardabil. The harsh punishment is done to Mr. Saber Malek Raeesi while he is on hunger strike.
On Wednesday 28th December 2016, Saber Malek Raeesi was beaten by the mercenaries of the prison since he complained about the cold water of bath as well as inhumane conditions. In order to protest against these inhumane conditions, this Balochi prisoner started his hunger strike on 28th December 2016.Nevertheless, the agents kept him in below-freezing temperature of outside instead of caring him.
Saber Malek Raeesi is one of the youngest political prisoners who was less than 17 when he got arrested in 2009. He was then sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment by the court of the regime and he has been serving time for 7 years.
The agents of the Ministry of Intelligence promised his release provided that he turns in his older Balochi brother.