Three inmates in Zabol Central Prison, southeastern Iran, and seven others in Langrood Prison of Qom, central Iran, were hanged on Monday on drug-related charges.

The names of two of these victims hanged in Zabol Central Prison were announced as:

Zaher Nohati, 30

Mohammad Sarani, 26

One of the inmates executed in Langrood Prison was identified as Saeid Shokri while there is no information about the identities of the other seven.

The families of the executed had visited their loved ones to say their final farewell, according to a source close to the Shokri family.

“The Qom prosecutor is a recent appointee  attempting to frighten people through executions. Mr. Shokri’s lawyer didn’t have even the opportunity to apply for a judicial review in accordance to article 477 and he was mockingly told to attend his client’s funeral ceremony”, the source added.

Find below images of Mr. Shokri’s sentencing.