On Tuesday, guards at Gohardasht Prison, west of Tehran, frequently raided section 4 of hall 11 on orders issued by judge Salavati.

A prison guard and the warden of this section, by the names of Bagheri and Mohammadi, conducted the raid, attacking the inmates with tear gas and shockers once or twice a day, and sometimes at nights.

Five prisoners identified as Reza Saki, Afshin Kiani, Seyyed Iman Mousavi and Mehdi Sarabi were tortured so severely that they urinated blood.

Mohammadi has beaten them with batons, breaking their fingers and leaving their hands and faces swollen. These inmates have been denied access to the prison clinic.

Three inmates have been tortured and driven to suicide in this ward during the recent month.

Two prisoners by the names of Iman Musavi and Mehdi Sarayi attempted suicide due to pressures and inhuman conditions. They were both transferred to a hospital.

Political prisoners in hall 12 issued a statement requesting the attention of human rights organizationsto their complaints.

“We are asking all human rights activists to help these prisoners, most of whom have been brought to this hall by the order of Judge Salavati. Every day and most nights in recent months we have been hearing the sounds of these inmates being tortured and cannot tolerate to hear this much suffering of our fellow countrymen. We desperately ask your attention to these conditions. These prisoners are being deprived of even the least medieval rights.”