On April 4th a man suffering from mental illnesses was hanged in Tabriz Central Prison, northwest of Iran.

Morovat Abbasi, 40, from the Malekan region of Azarbaijan Province, also northwest of Iran was arrested in 2013. He was found guilty of allegedly murder. A series of medical assessments carried out since then have confirmed his illness.

Abbasi was being held in a psychiatric ward and was recently transferred to ward 9. This is the first execution carried out after the Iranian new year.

Human rights organizations argue that the execution of a person who is severely mentally ill constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. In addition to putting the mentally ill to death, Iran continues to execute people for drug-related charges.

In Isfahan Prison, central Iran, two inmates were transferred to solitary confinement on April 3rd in preparation for their executions.

Hushang Servati and another inmate by the name of  Rezayi are both scheduled to be executed for drug-related charges.

Servati, a father of five daughters, was arrested and sentenced to death despite having no previous criminal record. He was sent to the gallows last year, however, and the ruling was suspended.