Iranian political prisoners are being placed under increased pressure by the authorities, according to recently released reports.

Political prisoner Vahid Sayadi Nasiri has been recently threatened to death by a fanatic Shiite prisoner convicted of carrying weapons.

Sayadi Nasiri is held in ward 4 of Tehran’s Evin Prison where ordinary inmates are jailed. This is while political prisoners must be placed in separate wards, according to the law.

He was beaten on February 14 by two violent inmates, causing him neck injuries.

Authorities are putting the health of other inmates in danger through holding prisoners with various contagious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis, amongst others.

Nasiri has repeatedly complained about his punitive transfer to this ward and demanded being returned to the political ward. He launched a hunger strike on February 15 protesting his transfer to this ward. While authorities promised to address his complaints,  they have refused to provide a  reply as of yet

Political prisoner Habib Sasanian has gone on hunger strike since April 3rd, protesting being held in uncertain conditions, reports indicate. He was recently beaten in Tabriz Prison, northwest of Iran, after protesting his transfer to solitary confinement.

He was arrested 11 months ago and his current status remains in limbo. Sasanian suffers from high blood pressure and has fainted on numerous occasions due to his illnesses. Mr. Sasanian was also arrested back in June 2006 for taking part in peaceful gatherings.

Siamak Mirzaei, another political prisoner, is serving his ten-year sentence in Evin Prison.

He was arrested last July in a raid on his office and was placed under interrogation in ward 209 for four months. This Turk activist is deprived of continuing his higher education.

Mr. Mirzaei defended his activities in his first trial hearings and claimed he has been unlawfully arrested.

It is Iran’s policy to put pressure on political prisoners through various measures.

For example, for over two months authorities in Tehran’s Evin Prison have denied inmates access to books and magazines provided by their families. They refuse to hand over the inmates’ property and belongings for no reason at all.

Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience are being denied adequate medical services as well as welfare facilities, nor allowed to continue their education or employment. The Iranian regime is worsening the situation day by day for all those imprisoned for exercising their political and other rights. The situation of imprisoned dissidents is deteriorating continuously.