Illegal arrests on the rise in Iran

One of the most disturbing trends seen recently in Iran is the increase in Kurds being arrested across the country.

The Intelligence Ministry agents in Kurdistan Province, west of Iran, added three more to the number of those arrested, all taking place during the past few months.

A 33-year-old man by the name of Mohammad Sharifi from Bukan, northwest of Iran, was arrested on April 3rd.

He was transferred to a Ministry of Intelligence detention center in Bukan. No further information is available on his condition and the reason for his arrest.

Another young man, Vali Hassanzadeh, also from Bukan, was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

In the wake of the Persian New Year celebrations a young woman was arrested in Sanandaj, capital of Iran’s Kurdistan Province, for wearing “unconventional clothes,” namely a dress with colors of the Kurdistan flag . Chenar Hosseini was subsequently released by signing a written pledge, but she was summoned and threatened several times afterwards.

Prior to this, two online activists in Mahabad and nearly 16 environmental activists in Marivan, both in northwest of Iran, were also arrested.

At least five people were arrested in Bukan and there is no information available on their condition. The reason for these arrests are also unknown.

Reports indicate at least 564 Kurds were arrested since last year for political and civil measures, blogging or environmental activities. 119 of those arrested were sentenced to prison.

There have been an increasing number of reports indicating security forces are arresting people on vague charges or for demanding their civil rights across the country. These suppressive measures are part of a crackdown on peaceful activities that resulted in dozens of arrests during the past few months.

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