At least 12 prisoners held in Rajayishahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, were transferred this Wednesday to solitary confinement in preparation for their scheduled executions.

The inmates are identified as Farhad Mirzaei, Sirous Moradi, Hassan Javadi, Vahid Seilani, Farajollah Hatami, Saeid Rashti, Isa Ebrahimi, Esmaeil Hosseinzandkhan, Siamak Shafie and Mohsen Babaei, according to the International Committee Against Executions.

Isa Ebrahimi is a Bangladeshis native who has been on death row for 22 years. His execution has been delayed on all three rounds of being  sent to the gallows.

This is the fourth time that death row prisoner Farajollah Hatami, who served 12 years behind bars, has been transferred to solitary confinement for his execution.