Two inmates named Hossein and Asgar Taghavi, imprisoned in Tabriz Central Prison, northwest of Iran, went to the prison emergency clinic to receive treatment as one suffers from hernia.

In response to them a prison doctor attacked, disrespected and insulted the two brothers, while ignoring their diseases.

They were transferred to solitary confinement and reportedly beaten and placed under torture. No further information is available about their situation in solitary.

Kurdish prisoner of conscience Zeinab Jalalian is suffering from pterygium and urgently needs special surgery. Yet the authorities won’t permit her despite the high risk of going blind.

Jalalian was arrested in 2008 and is currently serving a life sentence for her social and political activities in the fields of education and empowering women. She has been denied of furlough despite being spending nine years in prison.

Authorities conditioned her transfer to hospital on arresting one of her family members as a guarantee. She, however, refused despite being in urgent need of medical treatment.

Prior to this she had been placed under intense pressure to appear in a televised “confession” in return for furlough.

Amnesty International issued a warning in October 2016 about Jalalian’s health condition and losing her sight.