In the early hours of Monday morning, two inmates were hanged in Tabriz Central Prison, northwest of Iran.
Vahid Fathollah Astani, 28, from East Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran. The later was identified only as Aliakbar.
These executions have not been made public by Iran’s official media outlets.
It is worth noting that a death row inmate was given a stay of execution just a few hours before he was due to be put to death.
Early on Saturday, another inmate was also hanged in Mashhad, northeast of Iran. Imprisoned at the age of 19, Meghdad was 22 at the time of execution.
Iran alone accounted for 55% of all recorded executions in 2016, Amnesty International said.
66% of the death penalties were not reported at all and secretly carried out.
At least 182 executions have been recorded in Iran since the beginning of 2017, the actual number, however could be much higher.