Two death row brothers were reportedly attacked in Isfahan Dastgerd Prison, by the authorities on April 14, leaving severely injured limbs and broken noses.
Mehrdad and Moslem Khosravi were transferred to solitary confinement by prison security guards, and have been denied of any medical treatment.
In another case, an Armenian native by the name of Batirshah Mohammadof is currently kept in uncertain conditions in Rajaishahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran.
He ended his hunger strike protesting his dire condition in prison. He relaunched another in early March demanding to contact with his family and transfer to his country.
The warden told him we don’t care about your hunger strike.
“I was transferred to a hospital outside the prison as a result of my hunger strike. I refused to inject a serum and was mistreated by the authorities. I haven’t spoken nor contacted to my family for the past months. I am not even allowed to visit the ambassador of my country. I have been enduring harassment imposed by attorney authorities and the Ministry of Intelligence.” According to his taped voice.
Muhammad was summoned to the warden’s office on Thursday by Kraj’s intelligence agents and threatened to being transferred to solitary and internal exile to Isfahan if he continues his hunger strike.