Prisoner of conscience Hamid Babaei held in Rjaishahr Prison, west of Tehran, is currently being denied access to the specialized treatment he needs, including medication.
He was transferred to the clinic following a chest pain on April 23rd and was returned to the ward without being treated or examined. He only received three ASA pills which were past their use by date.
Babaei’s wife announced that the Judiciary and Ministry of Intelligence are responsible for the life of her husband.
Iranian postgraduate student Hamid Babaei, having been behind bars since July 2013 without any furlough despite being eligible for conditional release.
Hamid Babaei was arrested on August 13, 2013, while visiting his family in Iran for refusing to spy on Iranian students abroad in Belgium and because of his scholastic ties with academic institutions outside of Iran.
Immediately after his arrest, Babaei was held and interrogated without any legal representation for over a month in Tehran’s Evin Prison and was deprived of any family visit.
Hamid Babaei was sentenced in December 2013 to six years behind bars and four years suspended for “spying and communicating with hostile governments” following a trial it is said lasted only 10 minutes. The appointed lawyer failed to defend his client and asked him to confess to his alleged charges. Babaei, however, has denied all and claims that he has victimized for refusing to cooperate with security agents.