A 16-year-old inmate attempted suicide in Zabol Central Prison on May 8th by cutting his arm 17 times by a razor blade in an act of protest to the prison guards’ denying him a family visit.
His family who reside in Kerman (southern Iran), had traveled all the way to Zabol, in the southeast, to visit their son.
He fortunately rescued by his cellmates.
Imprisoned in the Correction and Rehabilitation ward, Ali Shahsavari had recently been shackled, tortured and beaten by ‘Hassan Mir’ the head of prison and ‘Gholamreza Rezai’ chief of prison’s counter intelligence.
Ali Shahsavari has completed his sentence yet the authorities refuse to release him. There is no information available on his fate since.

Another inmate, Javad Agha Mirzaii, committed suicide by taking pills to protest mistreatment and extortions by the prison warden.
Mirzaii was transferred to Tehran’s Loghman Hospital.
The nine-year addict has been lingering on death row in Ghezelhesar Prison on Karaj for trafficking of 700 grams of crack.