Executions on the rise in Iran, 6 more hanged

Executions are increasingly on the rise in prisons across the country. Dozens of inmates have been hanged during the past few days after the sham presidential election that Iran held on May 19.
A wrestling champion, was sent to the gallows on May 26. Hojjatollah Tadaro was one of Iran’s most prominent wrestlers in the 74-kilogram class and a member of the national team, according to state-run media. He had earned championship medals in different age levels. Having been imprisoned for ten years, he was sentenced to death based on charges forged by the Iran’s judiciary.
On the same day, three other inmates were executed on drug related charge. The victims were identified as Salahedin Shafa, Osman Hassani, Ramazan Mokhtari all in 30’s.
At least two other prisoners on May 25, were hanged in Arak, according to reliable sources.
Although the victims were not identified, both had reportedly been condemned to death for a non-violent drug offense.

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