Iran: Young Kurd tortured to death

A young Kurdish man, Diako Hashemi, was tortured to death in Intelligence Department of Karaj, west of Tehran.
The 24-year-old had lived in Finland since 2011 and had recently returned Iran to visit his ailing father.
Prison authorities called Hashemi’s family on May 25, instructing them to receive the body of their son and bury him on the same day.
Intelligence agents made his father sign a written pledge not to have the news published in the media. Furthermore, they did not allow the family to bury Diako’s body in his birthplace, Kermanshah, so they had to bury him in Karaj.

Karaj intelligence also delivered a letter to Amir Hashemi, Diyako’s father, threatening and forcing him to distribute the letter in his own name.

The letter reads:

“Following the death of my sons, foreign websites began spreading rumors about his death under torture by government entities. I expect anyone and any group making such rumors to provide evidence or stop spreading rumors without any evidence. My family and I have participated in all elections of the past 40 years to ensure the rise and perseverance of the Islamic republic.”
For the past week Karaj intelligence has increased its pressures, according Mr. Amir Hashemi, demanding he publish the letter under his own name. However, I say I will not publish this letter and if it is published anywhere I will accept no responsibility in this regard, he added.
Karaj intelligence have refused to permit the transfer of Diyako’s body to his hometown for a preferred burial. The family was forced to bury the body in Karaj’s “Behesht-e Sakine” cemetery without holding a ceremony.

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