Political prisoner on 43rd day of hunger strike in Evin Prison

Detained civil rights activist Farhad Salmanpour Zoheir was transferred to Section Four in Evin Prison. After 43 days of hunger strike, he is in poor condition and cannot eat or drink.
During interrogations, he was charged with “acting against the national, internal and foreign security of the Islamic Republic”, “gathering and conspiring” and “spreading propaganda against the government”.
Regarding Salmanpour Zoheir’s arrest, an informed source said that he had printed more than 5,000 brochures which read, “release Shahnaz Akmali” and handed them out to the audience at Azadi Staduim during a national soccer game. He told the audience to show the brochures to the cameras.
“After this, a Special Forces Unit stationed at the stadium arrested him and a number of soldiers at the gates for cooperating with him”.
Shahnaz Akmali, is an activist and mother of a slain protester who was killed during the 2009 uprising in Iran. She was arrested and jailed some time ago but was finally released on bail. (Human Rights in Iran – Jun. 7, 2017)

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