Prisoners of unintentional crimes jailed because of financial problems

The Kurdistan Chief Justice said that around 277 people are in this province’s prisons with unintentional crimes, according to the state-run ISNA  News Agency, June 8, 2017.
The Manager of the Blood Money Staff in Lorestan said that there were 375 prisoners with unintentional crimes in Lorestan and that the sum of their debts was 30,820 USD.
“From the unintentional crime prisoners, 308 have financial crimes, 15 owe blood money and 52 people have dowry and alimony debts”, Tavakol Shakarami said.
“Twenty five of these prisoners, who cannot pay their debts, have been detained in Brujerd Prison since 2009”, he said.
The head of the Staff to Attend to Blood Money Affairs in Kerman said that on average, one person is jailed in this province for not being able to pay a dowry.
“More than 60 percent of prisoners with unintentional crimes are jailed because they have not been able to pay dowries and the youth, who are the future of our country, are forced into marriages which leads to divorce after a few months and they are left with paying huge sums of money for the dowry which in turn leads to innocent people being jailed”, Hojatollah Mousavi Qavam said, according to the state-run ISNA News Agency, June 7, 2017.

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