Iran: Death row juvenile remains in limbo after 11 years

Juvenile offender Yahya Firouzi, having been 11 years on death row is still in a state of limbo in Rajaei Shahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran.  He was arrested in December 2006, while he was only 17 along with his 27-year-old brother Lotfollah.
Yahya Firouzi was initially charged with assistance in murder and was sentenced to 15 years behind bars as the second suspect of the case in the Court of First Instance. The ruling however increased in Supreme Court and he was sentenced to death on charge of complicity to murder. Yahya has not been provided with adequate legal representation because his poor family cannot afford it, thus his trial marred by violations of due process guarantees and proceedings may fell short of international standards.
Iran remains one of states which execute juvenile offenders despite its strict prohibition under the International Covenant in Civil and Political Rights and the Covenant in the Rights of the Child, to which Iran is a party.

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