Iran: 110 prisoners sentenced to death for drug related crimes in Zanjan Prison

About half of the population at Zanjan Prison, which holds around 2,500 prisoners, have been convicted of drug related crimes. From these prisoners, 110 have been sentenced to death. This prison has a Juvenile Section (correction center) where 11 prisoners who are under 18 are kept.
According to an informed source, 17 prisoners are on death row and will probably be hanged after the month of Ramadan.
The names of 12 of these prisoners are as follows:
1. Hamzeh Rahimpour, drug related
2. Najaf Seyedi, drug related
3. Mohammad Ali Yari, drug related
4. Bahman Parvizi, drug related
5. Jamshid Allahverdi, drug related
6. Jalil Dadyarvand, drug related
7. Mostafa Hassanzadeh, murder
8. Ali Kashefi, murder
9. Abbas Soghi, drug related
10. Mohammad Feiz Abadi, drug related
11. Hossein Ali Mahdavi, murder
12. Yasin Abedi, murder
Five Afghan nationals, who have been sentenced to death for abduction and rape, are in this prison and in danger of execution.

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