Iran hangs 6 more inmates in Urmia and Maragheh Prison

Four inmates were hanged on July 17 based on drug related charges in Urmia Prison, northwest of Iran.
The victims were identifed as Mir Haj Abdi, Soufi Kolunak Zadeh, Khalil Kousi and Kheiroddin Mashmoul, according to a credible source.
They had been transferred to solitary confinement on July 16 in preperation for their executions.
On July 3, two other inmates were executed in Maragheh Prison, also in northwest of the country. They had been found guilty of murder. 34 year-old Hojjat Imani and 36 year-old Jafar Seyed Rasouli had been transferred to solitary confinement in a group of four.
The other two were returned to their cells. These executions have not been made public at the time of submitting this report.

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