Iran: Dozens of women arrested and imprisoned in Gorgan last week

A considerable number of Bahaii women have been arrested and transferred to prison over the past week. They were either summoned by the judiciary in Gorgan or attacked and arrested by security forces.
Shiva Rouhani was taken to Gorgan’s Amirabad Prison to serve her 18 months’ prison sentence.
Roufia Pakzadan, Parivash Shojaii, Mojdeh Zohouri, Farahnaz Tebyanian, and Maryam Yazdeli were arrested by security forces at home.
Shiva Ghoddusi, Pooneh Sanaii, Parisa Shahidi, Nazi Tahghighi, Mitra Nouri, Hana Aghighiyan, and Soudabeh Mehdinejad were summoned to the Department of Intelligence and transferred to prison

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