Iran: Khamenei’s rep stresses exclusion of women from society

exclusion of women from society

Khamenei’s representative rejected women’s involvement in the economy and called for their marginalization.
In remarks made in Mashhad, mullah Alam-ol Hoda said, “One of the problems our society has to deal with today, is women’s excessive involvement in economic matters and in their husbands’ economic activities which is not appreciated in Islam because external (outside the house) and economic issues must not be relayed to women whatsoever.”
Alam-ol Hoda also stressed on women’s covering or Hijab and said, “The issue of Hijab (veiling of women) protects our religious community’s identity and dignity. It is compulsory for us and if it is eliminated, the dignity of our religious community will suffer a blow. The identity of our society is Hijab and your mission is to protect and preserve it.” (The state-run Alef website, July 12, 2017)