Iran: 7 more prisoners hanged in new wave of executions – July 16

The Iranian authorities sent two inmates to the gallows today, July 16, in Zahedan Central Prison, southeastern Iran. The victims were identified as 46-year-old Yousef Bozorgzadeh and Ebrahim Damani. They were found guilty of murder. They have held respectively 11 and six years on death row.
Another inmate identified as Abdoljalil Shahli on the same day was hanged on drug charges in Iranshahr Prison, also in southeastern Iran.
A prisoner was hanged today for possessing drugs in Chabahar Prison. He was identified as Akherdad Hamli.
In another development three inmates were executed on July 14, in Darya Prison of Urmia, northwest of Iran.
The three drug offenders were identified as Parviz Tamripour, Faramarz Asgharzadeh, Ramin Hanareh. They had been imprisoned since nearly four years ago in ward 15 of Urmia Central Prison, southeastern Iran.
Iran has increased the rate of executions during the past few weeks. At least 75 were sent to the gallows solely in the month of July, that is one execution every four hours.

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