Iran: Women’s rights activist Safieh Gharebaghi arrested

Researcher and women’s rights activist Safieh Gharebaghi was arrested on Monday July 17, 2017 by the intelligence agents in the city of Zanjan, north-western Iran.
“A few hours after the arrest, three agents came for inspection the house and Safieh was with them. They inspected the house and confiscated a laptop, some notebooks, books and personal documents. I could talk to Safieh for a while. She said that she has been charged with “distorting public opinion,” “propaganda against the establishment,” and “spreading lies”. I have no further news of her,” Safieh Gharebaghi’s husband wrote on his facebook account.

  1. […] biggest crime – being a woman fighting for the rights of other women. Also, researcher and women’s rights activist, Safieh Gharebaghi, was arrested mid-July by intelligence […]

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