Iran: workplace accidents result in the death of workers every day

For many years, Iran has been the world’s record holder of deadly accidents in the work place.
Figures provided by the Iranian regime on the number of victims of accidents in the work place indicate that laborers are always in danger of fatal accidents.
Based on official statistics, every year, 15,000 workers are afflicted in accidents at the work place. That is a daily average of more than 41 accidents with five to six workers losing their lives.
At least 2,000 workers lost their lives in accidents at the work place last year. 1,200 or 60% of them were construction workers.
The frequency of work place accidents indicates that none of the international safety standards are observed in Iran. Following are some examples:
Two workers who were injured in a coalmine explosion on July 20 are currently in Kerman Hospital. The reason behind the explosion is not clear but according to reports, a worker lost his life during the accident. (ILNA state-run News Agency – July 20, 2017)
On July 15, a fuel tank explosion in the town of Zarandanieh in Markazi Province led to the death of a worker. After the accident, other workers took him to hospital but doctor’s efforts were futile and the 40-year-old worker passed away. (ILNA state-run News Agency – Jul. 16, 2017)
On July 13, workers working on a half constructed building in Natanz died of electrocution while another worker was injured.
“At around Thursday afternoon, two construction workers were severely electrocuted in a half constructed building next to Tavakol Mosque”, the head of the Natanz Emergency Medical Center, said.
Ali Baghbani who was thrown off the building did not show any vital signs and passed away. Forty-six-year-old Esa Hadadi who was injured in the accident, suffered burns in both hands and is currently hospitalized. (ILNA state-run News Agency – Jul. 14, 2017)
A 40-year-old worker in Dezful died after a wall collapsed on him.
The worker died when a wall collapsed in the basement of a shop while he was destructing a wall. (ILNA state-run News Agency – Jul. 13, 2017)
The Assistant head of the Tabriz Fire Department announced the death of three workers in a food production factory saying that they died after breathing in gasses from an industrial sewage in the factory. The bodies of these workers who were 23, 39 and 40 years old were given to the hospital emergency center. (ILNA state-run News Agency – Jul. 22, 2017)

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    Iranian laborers in particular are suffering from poverty, hunger and unemployment….

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