Iran: Reporters summoned to Abadan court for “disrupting minds” and “spreading lies”

Two reporters were summoned to the 2nd Branch of the Criminal Court in Abadan by the Prosecutor for the charge of “disrupting minds” and “publishing lies”.
After interrogating the ROKNA reporter, he was released on a 32,727 dollars in bail.
“In the follow ups I noticed that that I was summoned to court for a report on the rape of women in Jamshid Abad and Sadeh and also for publishing a report on the robbing of a Kuwaiti woman”, Ali Ranjesh, who covers incidents that happened in Khuzestan Province, said…
“I was amazed that it was announced to me that the Prosecutor had not accepted my bail and requested that I put my house property documents as bail a few hours before the end of working hours so that I would not be released in those hours”, he added.
“I had witnesses many times before that violent robbers were released on bail and it’s curious that the respectable Prosecutor did not accept my bail”, he added.
Another journalist who worked for a local website in Abadan was also summoned to the 2nd Branch of the Criminal Court on July 24, 2017, but the summons was not announced to him because he was out of town, according to the state-run ROKNA news agency.

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