Iran: Concerts of popular Iranian musicians prohibited

Shahram Nazeri and Hafez Nazeri

Two of Iran’s top musicians have been prevented from performing in the city of Quchan Khorasan Razavi Province by the local prosecutor. The concert by the Persian classical music master Shahram Nazeri and his son was to be held on Friday July 28, 2017.
In an interview with the state-run IRNA news agency, Ramezanali Azari declared that the concert was banned and the place is sealed.
“The place was unsuitable and disrespectful to the people of Quchan and it ignores the dignity of people and artists,” he said.
Ramezanali Azari did not clarify what was meant by “unsuitable place” or how it was contravened the law.
The Guidance Department had previously announced that the concert will be definitely held and its tickets were sold.
Recently in another case the state-run ILNA news agency reported on July 26, that the (Islamic) Guidance Department in Karaj banned a concert by singer Fereydoun Asraei, which was to be held on August 4 in this city.
“They called us from the Guidance Department in Karaj and said that the concert had been cancelled and that it would not be right for us to play. We were not given any explanations,” Yeganeh pour, Fereydoun Asraei Program Manager said.