Iran: Political prisoner on hunger strike

Political prisoner denied surgery

Iranian political prisoner, Changiz Ghadam Kheiri has been on hunger strike since Monday July 24 to protest pressures on him by the prison officials.
Despite certification by the prison physicians that he needs surgery due to his deteriorating health situation, Changiz who is currently in Masjed Soleiman Prison in the Khouzestan province (Southwestern Iran) has been deprived of receiving medical care imposed by the Ministry of Intelligence.
In protest to the Ministry of Intelligence’s impedement in releasing him on medical grounds, and his inadequate situation in prison, he has gone on hunger strike since Monday July 24.
Changiz Ghadam Kheiri who was wounded at the time of his arrest, despite the passage of more than five years from the time of his arrest, still has shrapnel in his body and has been kept in poor sanitary conditions.
While he does not use any tobacco, he is kept in section 1, where addicts are kept.
According to reports, the request of the prisoner to transfer him to another section has been denied by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence.
Changiz Ghadam Kheiri, born in 1988, was arrested in 2011 and transferred to Sanandaj central prison. After two years, he was exiled to Masjed Soleiman prison.
This prisoners was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment for a six-month membership in one of the Kurdish parties by a regime’s court in Sanandaj.
It is worth mentioning that after the arrest of Changiz Ghadam Kheiri, his family was informed about the arrest and wounding of the prisoner only after a few months of having no news about him.