Iran: Composer Prisoner Transferred to an Unknown Location

IRAN, On July 23, 2017- Youssef Emadi, a composer prisoner incarcerated in Evin prison who objected non-implementation of the principle of separation of crimes in Evin was taken away under the pretext of “being sent to the prison warden room” and transferred to an unknown location. So far, there is no news about his fate and whereabouts.
Some sources consider the meaning of dispatch to the prison warden room as being transferred to Ward 2A of the Revolutionary Guards in Evin prison.
According to reports, the prisoner’s family have received conflicting information about the fate of this prisoner, and even after 12 days, there is still no news about his whereabouts.
Youssef Emadi has recently been charged for “propaganda against the regime” through media ties after a new case was launched against him.
Youssef Emadi along with Mahdi Rajabian and Hossein Rajabian were arrested in their office in the city of Sari (northern Iran) on October 2013 for their activities on a music download website called “Music Leaf”.
The three detainees were finally released on bail of 200 million Toman after two months of arrest and detention in IRGC’s Ward 2A in Evin prison.
According to Amnesty International, Youssef Emadi is a composer and at the time of arrest was in charge of selling music CDs of the “Music Leaf” website.
On December 2015, Youssef Emadi, Mehdi and Hossein Rajabian were sentenced to six years of imprisonment and a heavy fine in each of these cases by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Courts. These sentences were reduced to three years imprisonment and a fine of 20 million Toman by the appeal court. The three detainees were introduced to the prison in June 2016 to serve their prison terms.
The three detainees are said to have been denied access to a lawyer at various stages of the proceedings. They emphasized during the trial that confessions had been obtained under pressure.
The Rajabian brothers were released in recent months, but Youssef Emadi is still in prison while he is even deprived of leave of absence.

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