Iran hangs three young men in prisons of Ilam, Isfahan and Ahwaz

At dawn on Thursday August 9, 2017, an inmate identified as R.Ansari was hanged in Central Prison of Ilam, (western Iran). Lingering on death row since 2013, was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to death by the city’s court and the ruling was upheld by the Supreme Court.
On the same day a young inmate was hanged in Sheiban Prison of Ahwaz, capital of the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzistan. The victim was identified as Fazel Mazraeh, 27. He was charged with killing his uncle during a fight. This execution has not been made public by state media.
From 530 executions carried out in 2016, 142 were based on murder charges. Absence of classification of undeliberate murders in Iran lead to death sentences for everyone committed murder, deliberately or undeliberatly.
In another development on Monday August 7, 2017an inmate identified as Nader Farokhnezhad was executed on drug charges in Isfahan Central Prison. Before his transfer to solitary confinement he had been held in a ward where foreign nationals, specifically Afghan nationals are being held.

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