Iran: At least 12 executions in the prisons of Birjand and Babol

Iran executions
Ropes prepared for a public hanging in Iran. (file photo)

12 inmates were executed in the prisons of Birjand and Babol at dawn on Thursday August 10.
11 were hanged on drug related charges in Birjand Prison, eight of whom were identified as Khani Mary Khaled, Barat Emadi, Mohammadreza Ayoubi, Abolfazl Yousefpour, Haji Moezi, Mehrdad Baghershams, Hadi Eim and Hadi Jafari.
On the same day another inmate was hanged in Matakala Prison of Babol, northern Iran. The victim identified only by the name Alireza was found guilty of murder.
It is worth noting that in a controversial act of execution, a man who was arrested as a minor was hanged earlier on the same day in Adelabad Prison of Shiras, southern Iran. Execution of Alireza Tajiki was carried out despite wave of international criticism at Iran’s human rights violations. Amnesty International has urged Iran to halt the execution of juvenile offenders including Alireza Tajiki on multiple occasions.