Iran: Public prosecutor threats women to observe Islamic dress code

In a letter to all the government offices and companies in Qazvin, the city’s public and revolutionary prosecutor of Qazvin ordered the personnel to observe the Islamic principles, according to the state-run Sobehe Qazvin website.
“According to the information we have received, after office hours and occasionally during office hours, a small number of women employees wear clothing that wearing them in public is against the Sharia and hurts public chastity. Using these clothes is a crime according to the country’s laws and it is seriously advised that those comply with this issue during office hours in the work environment and after the office hours in public.” Sadegh Niaraki’s letter reads in part.
He also threatened women over the need to observe the mandatory veil adding “If we receive a report from law enforcement officers or security forces, indicating a breach of law, we will file a complaint with the judiciary and persecute the offender.”

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