Iran: Call to Save 7 Prisoners on the Verge of Execution

Mehdi Bohlouli, is one of the prisoners who was 17 when he committed the alleged “crime”

 The henchmen of religious fascism ruling Iran have transferred seven prisoners sentenced to death in Gohar Dasht (Rajaieh Shahr) Prison in Karaj, Iran, to solitary confinement. These victims are faced with an imminent death threat. Mehdi Bohlouli, who is now on the verge of execution after serving 15 years of imprisonment, was only 17 when arrested. This is the fourth time he has been transferred to solitary confinement for implementation of the death sentence. Bringing prisoners to the gallows to witness the shocking scene of the execution of other prisoners is a common practice in torture in the prisons of the Velayat-e faqih regime.

The transfer of young prisoner Mehdi Bohlouli for execution is taking place while the execution of Alireza Tajiki, a young prisoner who was 15 years old at the time of his arrest, sparked a wave of hatred inside and outside of Iran, and international human rights organizations called it shameful and shocking. Alireza Tajiki was hanged on August 10 after serving six years of imprisonment and torture for compulsory confessions and lack of any response to his family’s repeated requests for a retrial.

The execution and torture machine of the regime, which is a record holder in the world on the number of executions per capita and one of the few of juvenile executioners, has accelerated after the presidential sham election. Only in July 2017 there is rare record of 101 recorded hangings. The actual number of executions is likely to be higher, and this does not include the number of secret executions.

The Iranian resistance calls for urgent intervention and action of international bodies and human rights organizations to stop the death sentences of these seven victims and the abolition of their death sentences, as well as the protest and condemnation of governments to the new wave of executions in Iran.

 Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

August 14, 2017


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