Iran: executions relentlessly continues, 7 inmates were hanged

A prisoner was hanged on August 15, 2017 based on murder charges in Central Prison of Urmia (Darya Prison). He was identified as Khaled Amini.
His brother, Fattah Amini was hanged last month on July 25.
This execution has not been made public by the state media to this date.
Reports indicate that from 530 executions in 2016, 130 was carried out on murder charges.
Absence of classification of undeliberate murders in Iran lead to death sentences for everyone committed murder, deliberately or undeliberatly.
In another development, three inmates were hanged in Central Prison of Qom, southwest of Tehran. They were identified as Mahmoud Arab Khorasani, Mehdi Kaseb and Mohammadtaghi Dehparvar. 21 years ago, death sentences for two of the victims were commuted to three years behind bars and flogging. They were released with termination of their sentences. However, they were arrested again and were currently held in Qom Prison.
Another inmate was hanged in Shirvan Prison in North Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran. 38-year-old Tohid Haghmoradi was found guilty of murder.
Two other inmates were hanged on August 8, 2017 on drug related charges in Central Prison of the northwestern city of Zanjan. They were identified as Hamzeh Rahimpour and Abbas Soghi.

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