Iran: Judiciary prevents female political prisoner from getting medical treatment

Detained civil rights activist Atena Daemi who is detained in Evin Prison in Tehran was charged with “disrupting order and insulting agents” after prison officials made a complaint against her while she was on hunger strike. The Prosecutor has therefore banned her from getting treatment outside of prison despite her gallbladder infection.
A close source has reported that after the Daemi family’s persistence, the Prosecutor agreed with a checkup by a legal practitioner but despite the confirmation of the infection in her kidney and gallbladder, the legal practitioner has disagreed with Atena receiving further treatment outside of prison.
“Prison officials have not only had shortcomings in the treatment of Atena Daemi but have accused her of feigning illness and mistreating agents while on hunger strike and have filed a complaint against her at the Evin Prison Court”, the informed source added.

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