Iran tortures and hangs a Sunni prisoner of conscience

Sunni prisoner of conscience, Seyyed Jamal Musavi was hanged at dawn on Wednesday, August 23, in Rajaii Shahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran.
The State Security Forces took the prisoner to solitary confinement under the pretext of taking him to hospital on August 16. He had been handcuffed and shackled for eight days, an inhumane measure which cut his hand and feet led to bleeding.
Seyyed Jamal Musavi was arrested in 2008 by the intelligence agents of Sanandaj capital of the Iranian Kurdistan Province, in western Iran. In 2009 he was sentenced to death for “waging war to God”.
He was enduring time in exile since July 2016, in Rajaii Shahr Prison.
The reason for his accusations was his friendship with a man, named Shuresh Mehdikhani, who was arrested on charge of armed action.
According to the Sunni Prisoner, in none of the stages of his trial did they presented any documents indicating his complicity with Mehdikhani and he never made any confessions in that sense.

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