Iran: Dozens of political prisoners on hunger strike in Iranian prisons

hunger strike

There are currently close to 30 political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Rajaie Shahr, Ardabil and Tehran prisons. Prisoners in Rajaie Shahr Prison started their hunger strike after they were attacked by prison guards and transferred to a maximum security section.
Political prisoners in Ardabil Prison and political prisoner Arjang Davoudi in the Central Zabol Prison went on hunger strikes in solidarity with these prisoners.
In Rajaie Shahr Prison, Sunni political prisoner Hamzeh Darvish, entered his 18th day of hunger strike in protest to deplorable prison conditions. He has lost 11 kg and is suffering from internal bleeding and low blood pressure. Darvish was taken to hospital because of his critical health and doctors have said that he is having medical problems with his vocal cords and eyesight.