Iran: At least 10 people arrested during a demonstration in Kurdistan

Over 10 people were arrested during a demonstration in in Baneh, protesting arbitrary killing of Kurd porters.
Three of the arrestees are identified as Kordou Hosseinpour, Jalal Savan and Ahmad Shafiei.
In the course of the demonstration, a number of people were injured by the SSF and more were arrested.
Following the arbitrary killing of two porters, the people in Baneh Iranian Kurdistan, staged a general strike on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Thousands of the people of Baneh also held a protest rally.
The State Security Forces stormed the people and firing tear gas. The military helicopters were circling above the city during the demonstration.
Two porters Heydar Faraji, 21, and Qader Bahrami, 45, were killed with the direct shot by the regime’s border guards. Qader Bahrami was married and had four children. The victims were not carrying any smuggled goods.

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