Iran: Woman arrested for pursuing her missing niece

Raheleh Rahemipour, over 60 years old, was arrested on September 10 and transferred to an unknown location.
The state security forces have also confiscated her belonging such as her mobile phone, laptop and books.
Raheleh Rahemipour pursues the fate of her niece, Golrou Rahemipour, who was born in prison in 1983. Golrou was separated from her mother when she was only 14 days old. In response to her parents’ inquiry, prison guards told them that Golrou was dead.
However, they never showed the body of the child to her mother.
Ms. Rahemipour’s brother, Hossein, was executed in September 1984 by the Iranian regime. His family were not informed of his place of burial or manner of death. His body was never handed over to his family.
Raheleh Rahemipour had previously been sentenced to two years behind bars on the charge of acting against national security.

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