Iran: Political activist denied medical care while on hunger strike

Reza Shahabi, a human rights activist and trade unionist who had gone on hunger strike on August 16, protesting against the status of his case, is suffering severe hypertension, localized anaesthesia in the left side of the body, impaired digestive function, and severe weight loss.
A prison doctor has warned that Mr. Shahabi must be hospitalized due to his deteriorating health condition. However, he continues to be denied medical access.
Shahabi has announced that he is not going to stop his hunger strike until his demands are met and his additional prison term is annulled.
Reza Shahabi, has served his six-year prison sentence for “propaganda against the state” and “assembly and collusion against national security.”
He was forced to return to prison on August 5, 2017, to serve an additional five months for the time he spent outside the prison for medical treatment in 2014.
The prosecutor’s office told the family of this political activist that he should be in prison until July, 8, 2019. The five-month conviction was illegally imposed on Mr. Shahabi due to his absence while he was actually on medical leave with the approval of the forensics.

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