Tehran ranks sixth in most stressful cities in the world

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CNN – Sepember 13, 2017 – In the latest research on the amount of stress in various cities in the last 9 months, Tehran has been ranked the sixth most stressful city in the world.
In this study, factors such as traffic volume, public transportation, green spaces, the financial situation of citizens, including the amount of debt, physical and mental health, and the amount of hours of sunlight per year in each city are included.
In this list, the top ten most stressful cities in the world are as follows:
1. Baghdad, Iraq
2. Kabul, Afghanistan
3. Lagos, Nigeria
4. Dakar, Senegal
5. Cairo, Egypt
6. Tehran, Iran
7. Dhaka, Bangladesh
8. Karachi, Pakistan
9. New Delhi, India
10. Manila, Philippines