Iran: Baha’i youth denied university entry

A number of young Baha’is have been deprived of studying at university in various cities of Iran, under the pretext of “problems in their records”, despite attending the university entrance examinations. Twenty-one of these students have been identified.
“Problems in records” is an excuse that is usually used by the Education Organization to exclude Baha’is from entering higher or secondary education.
The names of some of these students are as follows:
Mehrdad Zehini, Paniz Johari, Pegah Johari, Roxana Karamzadeh, Tarnom Haghighi, Nadim Shokravi Afousi, Vahid Sadegh, Pania Misaghi, Bahareh Rahmani, Zohre Fazli, Riaz Bahrad, Sama Sefri, Rashin Hosseini, Pegah Sirousian, Afrouz Zabihi, Ava Sadeghian, Mahna Moslemi, Ghazal Sedaghat, Kiana Zahedi, Hila Darabi, Faez Babaie.
This is the eleventh time that Vahid Sadeghi has been deprived of studying at university.

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