Iran: Political prisoner denied family visits

Political prisoner Zainab Jalalian talked in an interview about her deteriorating health and said that her weekly visits with her family had been discontinued by the prison security.
The Kurdish political prisoner is in her 10th year of imprisonment.
“Some time ago I wrote a written complaint about drug abuse inside the ward”, Jalalian said.
“But not only did they not address my complaint, but in response to it, some people put drugs and even urine in the samovar in the ward”.
“But that was not enough for them, and they took away my family visits in a completely illegal measure,” she added.
“I have requested medical treatment several times and that I be transferred to a hospital outside the prison, but no action was taken in this regard and prison officials, in an inhuman measure, read out false letters on television that I had gone numerous times to the medical center”, the political prisoner said.

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