Iran: Political prisoner goes on dry hunger strike

Prisoner of conscience Soheil Arabi who had been on a 40-day honger strike, has now switched to a dry hunger strike to protest his detention.
The political prisoner is in severe health condition after a 40-day hunger strike.
“I cannot be silent when I see people enduring torture without ever committing a crime. Here is Evin Prison where freethinkers are being punished. Do not tell me to keep silent because remaining silent is the worst betrayal. I am not crying out to save my own life, I want you to hear the voice of our innocence. I want to convey the voice of all jailed freethinkers such as Manuchehr Mohammadali, Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi, Ali Shariati, Yousef Emadi, Arash Sadeghi, Savada Aghasar and my other friends in Ward 7 whose crimes are knowing and expressing the truth. We were tried by judges who are the most corrupt human beings of our time. This is the third year that my daughter is going to school and I am not with her. I have gone on a dry hunger strike because I do not want her to see me in jail anymore,” his letter reads in part.
32-year-old photographer Soheil Arabi was arrested by Revolutionary Guards Corps forces in 2013 for publishing his views on Facebook. He sent an open letter from prison announcing that he went on a hunger strike on August 24 in protest to “charges brought against his family members by security agents of the Revolutionary Guards Corps”. He said he would not end his hunger strike until his mother and mother in law were cleared of the charges.

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