Female political prisoner refuses to have surgery in protest to having to wear shackles

The mother of political prisoner Atena Daemi, who is detained in Evin Prison, said that her daughter had to undergo gallbladder surgery at the Khomeini Hospital but refused to be hospitalized after the head of prison specified that she had to have handcuffs and shackles the whole time she was in the hospital.
According to Massoumeh Nemati, the prison head has also banned Atena from having a companion in prison or visits.
“I do not understand how a prisoner who has gone to prison for her beliefs could escape from the hospital bed? Where can she escape,” she added.
“Yesterday, Atena’s father went to see Tehran Prosecutor Hajj Moradi, who promised that she would not need to be shackled and that she could receive visits and have a companion. Today, after Atena was returned to the hospital, her father once again went to see the Prosecutor but was told they could not do anything and that the orders of the prison head had to be carried out”, Atena’s mother said.

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