Iran: Political prisoner’s will on the seventh day of his dry hunger strike

Soheil Arabi

Prisoner of conscience Soheil Arabi, detained at Tehran’s Evin Prison, who has been on dry hunger strike since September 23, 2017, released a letter notifying that the authorities have not paid attention to his legal demands, despite his deteriorating health condition.
In a part of his letter Soheil Arabi called on everyone: “Never allow another person to be tortured for having different opinions.”
Tell Rojana (his daughter) that father died for thinking and enlightenment.
I am leaving but I am confident that we will be free from the clutches of oppressors. You will read my case and you will be convinced that I mustn’t have been detained in prison even for one day. The day will come when the sell-out judges and interrogators will be put on trial and our homeland is not run by hypocrites. The letter reads in part.
Only one step away from my death, at least grant my last wish posthumously.
Bury me in Ward 350, room 1 because here will soon become a museum and Rojanas will be proudly remembering us, addressing to Iranian officials Soheil Arabi added
Soheil Arabi was arrested by the revolutionary guards (IRGC) in November 2013 for publishing satiric criticism of regime’s officials in his Facebook account and was placed under much pressure and torture in Ward 2A of Evin Prison that is controlled by the IRGC to extract forced “confessions” from him.
On September 27, the interrogator put on a new case against him visited the prisoner of conscience and threatened him saying he would die, and be forgotten like Sattar Beheshti (a blogger who was killed under torture in early November 2012 after being arrested by the Iranian Cyber Police for criticizing the government of the Islamic Republic on Facebook).