Iran: Prisoner officials chain prisoner to flagpole for asking for a place to sleep


A prisoner, identified as Behnam Amiri, who has been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for robbery, was beaten by prison authorities after being transferred from Ardabil Prison’s youth section to Section 5.
When Behnam was transferred to this section, he protested not having a place to sleep do to overcrowded conditions. His request was met with beatings from the head of the prison. He later attempted suicide as a result of the pressure.
Prison authorities then decided to chain him to a flagpole, located in the middle of the courtyard.
Behnam, who is still chained to the flagpole, is subject to very cold weather without enough clothes. Prison authorities have also told other prisoners that when Behnam is returned to the section, no one is allowed to give him a place to sleep.
It is worth noting that this is not the first time that prison authorities use this kind of treatment in this prison.
Afshin Zinali, Abbas Alipour and Mohammad Saber Malek Reiesi, a Baloch political prisoner, were all chained to a flagpole in this manner.